ScootAPI — Software for scooter sharing business
Software for E-scooter sharing business
"Ready-to-operate" White Label APP for iOS and Android for your sharing business.

What is ScootAPI?

ScootAPI offers you mobile APP's for iOS and Android + Back-office for management of your fleet of E-scooters.

We launch you in 1,5 month!

System Features

We have developed a Back-office for operator to monitor and manage the entire fleet in real time: active rentals, level of batteries, users, payments, alarms, zone allocation, tariff setting and much more. All information is always before fleet manager eyes.

From service side:

From client side:

Automated Interface
Manage rentals in web interface. Monitor customers, order, events, route data. It's all stored in the database.
Fleet management
Monitor the movement of scooters in real time 24/7. Set individual prices for different models and areas of use.
Operator control the situation: theft, unfinished rent, the system notify operator whenever the problem occurs.
Users can book ride in advance, scooter will wait for 15 minutes for discounted rate.
Sending damages
You can send scooter's damage from the app. Damages will immediately be displayed to an operator.

Bonus zones
The user can complete the rent in a certain "green" zone and receive bonuses for this.
News and support
Users receive all the necessary information directly in the app. You can post news and notify about promotions.

What do you need to launch

Payment system
For online transactions between you and your clients in app and throught website.
3% of every payment
Server rentals
To host your DataBase.
from 50$ a month
Online checkout
To send transaction information to the tax authorities.
from 75$ a month
SMS and e-mail newsletters
Customers notifications about the company's campaigns, direct contact between company and consumer.
50$ a month
75 000$
to launch


Product manager
Solves operational issues on integration.
Operator of call-center
Provides user service and solves user troubles.
Technical maintenance of the fleet.
Security officer
Solves: hijacking, property damage, theft, traffic accidents and lawsuits.
White Label Solution
Begin your business with your name on it!
We give you Mobile App with your branding.

in 3 steps

We will get to know each other, understand specifics of your market. We define goals and priorities, the amount of work to be done and time line to launch.
We sign agreement and begin to work on project. Consulting to buy scooters, configure the system.
We help to setup operations to get your business get on the right path to profit.

Solutions for corporate clients

Your guests will use scooters as a personal transport in new city, you will earn additional money.
Vacationers will easily and quickly move between the buildings of your Resort. Additional money to your core business.
Students will move between the university campuses. Additional money to your core business.
Solutions for factories. Employees will save time to be more efficient and get things done.
Launch your fleet
We invite independent business and entrepreneurs to start their own fleet of e-scooters.
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